Gear Needed for Staying Safe While Kickboxing

If you’ve never been kickboxing before, then there are some things you should know. Kickboxing has its risks, making it important to protect yourself and practice the proper form whenever you perform a move. In order to be safe in kickboxing classes dearborn heights instructors offer, here are some vital items you will need to be as safe as possible.


Gloves are a necessity when it comes to kickboxing. Gloves keep your hands protected from damage when you strike opponents. Depending on what you are practicing, such as if you are training or sparring, your gloves may be different in order to give you maximum protection.

Head Protection

You will need head gear when you start practicing kickboxing. Your head protection should fit comfortably on the head so that no serious damage occurs to the brain if you get hit in this area. The head gear will absorb some of the impact, keeping you from experiencing the full force of blows.

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Bandages of soft gauze are usually used to wrap the hands before putting them into gloves. This is done so that your wrist, along with your hands, can be safe while sparring or landing blows. Bandages provide support to your hands and wrist, keeping you from experiencing sprains and other issues.

Mouth Guards

No matter what sport you play, it is important to make sure that your teeth are protected by wearing a mouth guard or some other protection for your teeth. If you happen to take a direct hit to your mouth, it could result in significant dental damage without a mouth guard protecting your teeth.

This is just some of the equipment needed to stay safe while kickboxing. Always listen to the instructions of your teacher and wear the proper gear each time you practice.